Easy to use CalorGlass® fits each piece of habitat main heating or multi-media auxiliary heating to meet your comfort needs. His performance as the well intended to housing, non-residential construction, the Receiving Institutions of Public (ERP), the High Environmental Quality Buildings (HQE) and low energy consumption buildings (BBC), in new and renovation.

Trendy and smart solution of home design, CalorGlass® will earn you comfort regardless of the application that you use it.


External joinery & verandas

CalorGlass®, double or triple glazed high performance emits a soft and uniform heat to the interior of your living without leakage outside. CalorGlass® replaces other heating mode. It's beautiful, it's simple, it does not take place and is maintenance!

With the removal of the effect of "cold wall" of CalorGlass®, enjoy your conservatory, loggia, winter garden during the cold seasons! CalorGlass® transforms interior parts in a pleasant space to share good moments of conviviality all year.

Heated glazing for your inner wall

Optimize tasteful layout of your living room by installing a heated glazing CalorGlass® as interior partition: between the bedroom and the bathroom, or between the kitchen and the living room or simply by sliding.

CalorGlass® simple 44.2 laminated safety version is available in small as in supermarkets and integrates with your interior design bringing you warmth, clarity and sense of space.

For a custom tailored, the glass panels can be sanded, decorated or reproduce the pattern in the colors of your choice to combine design and privacy. CalorGlass® is also available, on request, mirror heating, radiator, towel warmer and decorative panel.

Anti-condensation Glazing damp rooms

CalorGlass® removes any condensation that may form on the inner surface of the glass to maintain optimal vision and unspoilt natural light.

This radical suppression of internal condensation is ideal for wet rooms and also reduces the risk of mold in those areas: indoor pools, spas, saunas, gyms, bay windows of cafes, brasseries, restaurants, food shops ...

Snow removal / defrosting roofs

In areas with heavy snowfall, the snow removal function / defrosting is both a design and safety solution. Using CalorGlass® roof allows you to enjoy the natural light all year round.

In case of heavy snow, the snow removal function removes the risks associated with snow or ice from roofs.