A layer of metal micro particles which is invisible to the naked eye is deposited on the inner surface of the glass and act as a low-temperature (20 to 45°C) heating element which radiates heat towards the room interior without losses to the external side.

The electrical power supply is hidden inside the frame profiles: the installation is completely invisible. CalorGlass® is compatible with most window frames and façade systems (steel, aluminium, wood, PVC etc.) and can be installed in windows, façades, internal partitions or roofs..








Ever responsive to market needs and to the feedback that it receives from the field, RIOU Glass has been working for almost 2 years on its new range, which offers new benefits for its installation partners. This technology, known as EasyPlug, uses a direct connection to the mains, like a conventional electric radiator.

CalorGlass EasyPlug has been designed and developed to make preliminary technical appraisals and commissioning for radiative heating glazing much simpler for distributors’ installation teams. Inspired by “plug and play”, this radical new technology allows glazing to be connected without transformers, with savings for the end client in terms of this costly and cumbersome electrical equipment.