The heated glazing is always tempered (thermally enhanced), and all double or triple-glazed thermal insulation, encloses the rare gas to make it super-insulation and minimize heat loss to the outside.

Glass Features

  • Heated front glass layer-specific, clear and wet with 4 or 6 mm
  • Against-face: available in annealed glass, tempered or laminated, burglary retardant to improve safety
  • Possibility of combining with other functions: solar control, enhanced sound insulation, protection of privacy, security of persons and property, maintenance comfort.
  • Available in single laminated glazing for interior partition
  • Also available in heated mirror, heated towel rail and radiator

Thermal insulation

When the heater is not in operation, the glass has the same insulation properties as high glass unheated market performance.

In operation, the outer side heat losses are reduced to zero, insulation is perfect.

Double glazed or triple-glazed thermal insulation reinforced with Argon or Krypton gas filling.

High performance insulating glazing

CalorGlass can combine other functions: solar control, enhanced acoustic insulation, protection of privacy, security of persons and property...

For maximum comfort, opt for the self-cleaning function that space maintenance frequencies!

Installation features

  • Compatible with most window frames and facade systems (steel, aluminum, PVC, wood), including VEC facades
  • Permanent frames, opening or sliding
  • Invisible wiring embedded in the profiles
  • Pass cables to connect the frame to the door