Partenariat CalorGlass®


RIOU Glass assists you

A win-win network!
RIOU Glass has chosen a selective product distribution. CalorGlass® is only available through our network of certified partners in direct contact with the end user. Guarantors of the brand's quality of service, of French manufacturing, they benefit from the strength of the RIOU Glass group and a serious marketing support and installation training, samples, global communication support and ongoing technical assistance.

"It's beautiful, it's simple"

"Isolate perfectly and comfortably heat through the glass: it's beautiful, it's simple, it does not take place and is maintenance! Our heated glazing replaces any other heating mode, it releases the internal walls and other unsightly radiators heaters. It offers thermal performance and comfort. Moreover, the process is more energy efficient than other heating mode. The heated glazing CalorGass® allows a reduction up to 30% of energy consumption. Finally, this process naturally removes any risk of condensation on the surface of the glass and removes the mixing of air and clean dust convection heating systems".

Pierre Riou.

Map of the Certified Partners CalorGlass®